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Dolce Vita Cafe, Redondo Beach, CA
Capt. Mike & Danielle Whitehead

Maritime Institute

Edge Motorworks
Edge Motorworks




Lake Arrowhead Yacht Club, California

Capt. Mike's Radio Book
VHF Maine Radio Book by Capt. Mike Whitehead


Grand Bay Hotel
Grand Bay Hotel, Mexico


"Dreams of Wind and Water" is the extraordinary debut CD from Yrsan Daro. Consisting of 13 beautiful solo piano improvisations, the music will take you on a journey of exploration through a variety of moods, from the serene and wistful to the stormy and seductive.

Boat U.S..

California Boating Safety Officers Association

California Department of Water Resources
Go Boating & Sea Magazines


Bayport Yachts
Bayport Yachts

KCBQ 1170 AM Salem Communications

The Log Newspaper
The Log Newspaper

NOAA Weather for Southern California
NOAA Weather
United States Coast Guard


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