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Easy!  From initial contact to having your commercial air during the Boathouse RADIO is a simple.


FIRST - Contact Boathouse Radio Show, as your First Step.

SECOND - We will help you produce your commercial.

OR - Send us your pre-made commercial or your Ad Agency Contact Information.

THIRD - That's it.  


Ads includes logo placement with hyperlink on our website and mentioning on some Boathouse Radio materials.


We broadcast the #1 Boating Talk Radio Show in the Nation reaching the boating and marine communities.



The BOATHOUSE TV & RADIO SHOWS are the Original Boating Shows hosted by the renowned nautical expert Captain Mike Whitehead, who brings to you the world of boating.  Capt. Mike is a professional Captain, nautical book author, weekly newspaper columnist, and lecturer who brings his wealth of nautical knowledge to radio and TV audiences.


Capt. Mike has been a professional Captain for over two decades and hosting his own boating TV show since 1995.  Now, hosting Southern California's only boating radio show. He's reaching the boating listeners with his personal format the boaters love.

The Boathouse RADIO Show can be an integral part of your marketing plan allowing you to market directly to the affluent boaters and marine community.

Boathouse Radio airs Coast to Coast, plus live Internet feed:


Reach an affluent target market increasing customer awareness of your products and services through the commercial space available on the BOATHOUSE RADIO SHOW. 


Your marketing plan should include Sponsorship on BOATHOUSE RADIO. This will include a 30 or 60 second commercial, mentioning during the show, and preferred logo placement on some materials, banners, and website.


The Boathouse Radio Show reaches from Coast to Coast to the boating and marine communities.

Sponsorship will allow your company to be highlighted and help promote boating on the radio.

With years of experience our production company will transform your ideas into a commercial you will be proud to air. Your professionally designed commercial can reach your target market on the only boating Radio show.


The benefits of having a commercial on Boathouse RADIO are: direct to a target market, flexibility with your  message, and  increasing product or service awareness.

Also - Website Banner or Tile ads are available at a reasonable price



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